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     In order to describe my work, I should first describe myself. I am a child of physicists, who grew up in San Francisco’s Bay Area during the height of the Silicon Valley technological boom. Science, in a way, was my religion growing up, I always turned to it when I had questions needing answers. When asked how I ended up as an artist I often find myself drawing similarities between science and art. I believe art and science are both explorations of observations and ideas, art is just lucky enough to be limitless.


   In my work, I create glass and mixed media sculptures, some of which incorporate viewer reactive robotics and organic materials. I am often inspired by new scientific discoveries and try to depict them for my viewers. My own social commentary is often present and shown by depicting stories and possible scenarios. By sticking with these themes, my work often resembles science fiction novels and tells cautionary tales of future societies when modern concerns have been escalated.

    I attended San Francisco State University and received my Bachelor's in Fine Art in 2011. Currently, I reside in North Carolina. Here, I worked as the Artistic Director at The Olio in Winston-Salem North Carolina for six years, a 501c3 non-profit focusing on educating teens and young adults with glass blowing and business skills.


    Currently, I work part-time as a Gallery Assistant at Starworks in Star, NC. I co-own Sarah and Day with my business/life partner Day and support myself selling my work. 

Sarah Band blowing glass

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