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Sarah A. Band                       


Degrees Held:


2011               San Francisco State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, San Francisco CA


2007               Mission San Jose High School, High School Diploma, Fremont CA


Fellowships and Awards:


2023.               Artist Support Grant Recipient, Arts Council NC


2018                Arts Enterprise Lab, participant and two-time grant recipient, Winston Salem NC


2017                The Works, Artist in Residence, Newark, OH


2014                Chrysler Museum of Art, Studio Scholarship Recipient, Norfolk VA


2012                Pilchuck Glass School, Partial Partner Scholarship, Stanwood WA


2011                Pilchuck Glass School, Partial Partner Scholarship, Stanwood WA


                       Santa Clara City Hall Annual Art Show, Honorable Mention, Santa Clara CA


Selected Exhibitions:

2023                  Endangered Species, Solo Exhibition, Randolph Arts Guild, Asheboro, NC

                         Juried Exhibition, Sawtooth, Winston Salem, NC 

                         Firefest, Starworks, NC

                         Botanical Gardens, Norfolk, VA

2022                  Mixed Media, group show, Randolph Art Guild

                         Starworks, Glassfest- Group show, Star NC


2021-22             Starworks, Glassfest- Group show, Star NC

                         Piedmont International Airport, Displaying artist, Greensboro NC


2019                  Delurk Gallery, Kitchen Sink, Winston Salem NC


2018-2019          Piedmont International Airport, Displaying Artist, Greensboro NC


2017                  The Works, Solo Exhibition Evolution, Newark OH



2015                  Green Hill Center for Visual Arts, Fragile, Greensboro, NC


                         The Olio, Dual Show with Director Rebeccah Rush, Winston-Salem, NC


2014                  Chrysler Museum of Art, Phantom of the Hotshop Performance, Norfolk VA


                         Chrysler Museum of Art, Group Exhibition, Vestibule 102 Norfolk VA


2013                  Public Glass, Solo Exhibition Apocalypse, Public Glass, San Francisco CA


                         Cisco Home, At Home Display, San Francisco CA


2012                  Yuerba Buena Art Center, TV of Tomorrow, San Francisco CA


                         Roots Division Gallery, CIA Show in honor of Steve Wilson, San Francisco CA


2011                  Santa Clara City Hall, Annual Art Show, Santa Clara CA


                         San Francisco State University, Senior Art Show, San Francisco CA


                         San Francisco State University, CIA Art Show, San Francisco CA


2010                  San Francisco State University, “Into the Woods”, San Francisco CA



Consignment Shops:


Current              Starworks School House Gallery, Star, NC

                         Nerdy by Nature, Albany, NY

                         Design Archives, Winston Salem, NC


Visiting Artist, Lectures, and Demos:


2024                 Borosilicate Glass Instructor, Sawtooth, Winston Salem, NC

2021-22             Flameworking Demonstration, Starworks, Star, NC

2018-19             Furnace Glass Instructor, Sawtooth, Winston Salem, NC

2014-20             Furnace Glass Instructor, The Olio, Winston Salem, NC


2014                  Fayetteville Technical Community College, Guest Lecturer with a Kiln Casting Demo, Fayetteville NC


2013                  Public Glass, Guest Artist for Hot Glass Cold Beer, San Francisco CA


2011                  San Francisco State University, Guest Demonstrator, San Francisco CA





2021                 Art of the State: Celebrating the Visual Art of North Carolina by Liza Roberts

2017                 American Craft Magazine, The Olio


2016                  Fox News, “Roy’s Folks”, Winston-Salem NC

Professional Experience:

2018-24             Sarah A. Band, CEO/Artist, Seagrove, NC (currently)

2020-22             Starworks, Gallery Assistant, Star NC (currently)

2014-20             The Olio, Creative Director, Winston-Salem NC

2014                  Chrysler Museum Of Art, Studio Assistantship Program, Norfolk VA

                         Starworks Glass Center, Glass Intern, Star NC

2012                  Colquhoun Glass Works, Production Assistant, Half Moon Bay CA

2011                  Oben Abright Studios, Artist assistant/mold maker, Oakland CA

2009                 Exploratorium Museum, Exhibit Services Volunteer, San Francisco CA

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