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Space, the final frontier.

Or something like that.

I guess with the Coronavirus and quarantine I have been looking upwards towards the sky more than ever. There is an effect that astronauts get when they look down at the world from orbit. Where everything seems a bit meaningless and they realize how truly connected we all are.

This virus has done that in some ways, but I feel it has also made us so scared of each other and other opinions. It’s very divided into two camps right now when we all know life really belongs in the grey.

With all this going on space comes to the rescue!

There is news that Venus might have life!

Venus might have evidence of past life!

Venus has a gas that could have been made by life!

Venus…. You get the idea…

(^^^ Venus marble)

But it certainly is exciting to think about. I like to imagine what different species would look like based on where they live. I try to think as non-human as possible, like what organisms that consume fluorine would look like? Motor oil? A different alien for every element on the periodic table?

I've read about sci-fi writers entertaining the idea of silicon organisms, I guess it would work in a similar way as carbon. So of course my glass blowing mind decided it must be glass organisms.

I know I know, not the same, but I can’t turn off my glass head

I also love that it wasn’t Mars where we may have found life. It was the forgotten hot-headed stoner over there that may have been hiding life the whole time! Gassy little Venus.

I have been working on glass Mars rovers for a while now but never thought to make one for Venus!

I'm excited to see what rovers they come up with to adapt to Venus. It sounds like such a fun project to figure out.

I think if I was a good writer, and not mildly dyslexic, I would write sci-fi novels. I love how deep into alternative worlds they go. Thinking out every nuance and different rules. And a lot of our cautions of future technologies are from science fiction. We are constantly waiting for Roomba to become conscious, or the internet to create nuclear war. That’s what science fiction is for. To scare the crap out of us.

Some awesome things to check out!

Life on Venus:

The always amazing Radiolab:

Planetary Radio:

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